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Thanks to its thirty years' experience in the sector, today ZML Industries the leader in aluminium die-casting, grey cast iron casting and in the production of magnet wire, imposing its presence at European level as the ideal partner for the main brands of electrical household appliances and for the car sector.
Its strategic position, in relation to the main European countries, has led to an inclination to work on international markets.
The consolidated know-how of a long tradition flanks production capacity that pays close attention to what the Customer wants, helping him through the designing and development phases of tailored and innovative products and solutions.
ZML Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium Die-casting Division

ZML Aluminium can supply die-cast aluminium casts up to 20 kg, ready to mount, with particular attention to the car industry sector.
ZML Grey Cast Iron Casting

Grey Cast Iron Casting Division

ZML Cast Iron boasts a good production capacity, allowing it to supply grey cast iron casts up to 12 kg for use in both the electrical household appliance industry and in the car sector.
ZML Copper Wire

Magnet Wire Division

ZML Copper Wire backs the needs of its Customers by collaborating closely with the raw material suppliers and through constant research to find ways of improving the mechanical properties of the bare conductor.
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