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From its origins up to the present day, the evolution of ZML Industries S.p.A.

1968 YearToday

The building of the plant, which started in 1968, was finished in 1971, and immediately the production activity was started. In the first years the activity was oriented to the production of components for Zanussi household appliances, such as tops for wood stoves, spiders for washing machines, grills for the new cast iron stoves, aluminum pulleys and motor shields, hot-forged taps and shut-off valves, and enamelled copper wire for windings of electrical motors.

In 1973, after the take-over of the former Zoppas foundry in San Fior (TV), the company “Industrie Lavorazioni Metallurgiche SpA” was founded, thus gathering the two plants in one business name.

In 1978 the company changed the name in "Zanussi Metallurgica SpA".

In 1984 the Zanussi group was taken over by the Swedish multinational Electrolux, which started a strong investment and restructuring plan aiming at the enhancement of strategic activities. Becoming part of Electrolux gave a great international opportunity to Zanussi Metallurgica, whose strong tradition, combined with a significant strategic position, was perfectly going together with the new inclination to foreign markets. 1987 was the year of a crucial turning point for the company, integrated in a new Electrolux product line which gathers all the firms producing compressors and motors, named ECC – Electrolux Components Companies.

It was also decided to close the plant of San Fior (November 1989) and to relaunch the production of silver iron castings and of enamelled copper wire, as a more and more strategic field for product line.

In 1993, by the take-over of former Gronda S.r.l. of Aviano (PN), the market of copper wire is extended.

In 2002 Zanussi Metallurgica is already a solid and autonomous reality, which is able to conquer new market shares. The strong development of the aluminum division, enhanced by the collaboration with European brands leader in the automotive field, gives a new boost to all the company in the automotive sector.

This is why it left Electrolux group and changed the business name in ZML Industries S.p.A.

Its shares were bought over in part by the firm management, and in part by the Vestar Capital Partner, an American stock fund seated in New York.

2006 ZML Industries SpA get part of Gruppo Cividale SpA - Tavagnacco (UD), with shareholding participation of the Manager.

ZML Industries S.p.a. Z.I. Viale dell'Industria 10, 33085 Maniago (PN) phone +39 0427 708111 fax +39 0427 708285 P.IVA IT13241490153