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ZML Cast Iron: Grey Cast Iron Casting Division
Grey Cast Iron Casting Division

ZML Industries S.p.A. – Cast Iron, thanks to its thirty-year experience, is now proposing itself as a leading firm in supplying iron castings for the European industry.

ZML Cast Iron works together with the Customer right from the definition of the CAD model for the casting, a starting point for the process simulation which leads to the tooling design.
This method, together with the prototyping phase, allows to create a definitive tooling which ensures, through production efficiency, a complete satisfaction by the Customer.

ZML Industries S.p.a. Z.I. Viale dell'Industria 10, 33085 Maniago (PN) phone +39 0427 708111 fax +39 0427 708285 P.IVA IT13241490153